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Contractions due to stress and fatigue Blood circulation with classical massage relaxes, relaxes your muscles and makes you feel healthy.

Essential oils from plant roots and flower extracts Aromatherapy massage using it's good for your soul. Relieves blood circulation, prevents possible external factors It strengthens your skin against wear and tear. fragrant Calms with oils and increases your positive energy, makes you happy It helps you feel.

With a soft pressure massage, unwanted toxins and makes it easier to get rid of the edema accumulated in the body. With this technique, lymph and the circulation of interstitial fluid is activated, lymph drainage therapy relaxes the immune system and the body. It stimulates the nervous system, which provides and renews the body.

It is a massage done by stimulating the nervous system of the fingers. In this massage, your nervous system is stimulated and your blood circulation system is improved. is relieved. In this way, the muscles that contract under stress relax and relax.

In this manual massage, slowly, along the energy line of the body, consists of rhythmic pressure and stretching applications. laying on the ground, It is applied without using any oil. Thai Massage is 3000 years old. It is the work of a culture.

Bitten stones and rocks are used in this massage. Stones placed at strategic energy points stress reduction is achieved with this massage. This massage removes toxins. being thrown out of the body, the lymph system and blood circulation helps him relax.

The aim of this unique cure is to apply the heated vegetable oils to the relevant points, is to regulate the disturbed internal balance. This massage is both relaxing and mind and body. It is done to restore the communication and balance between the soul and the soul. also ayurveda Massage gives mental peace as well as physical comfort by reducing stress. Every part of our body has another part to which it is connected. For example, the head Foot massage is done for pain relief.

The aim of this massage, which is applied in ancient Egypt and India, is a long and healthy life. By focusing on the reflex centers in the feet and hands, blood circulation is increased. Specializing in increasing blood circulation, relieving stress and tension, toes points It is a focused therapy. Promotes the body's natural balance to repair, blood and nerve Helps supply and development. This technique is the formation of reflex points on the feet and hands. It combines with the energy of the body and spreads from the nerve channels to all the lines of the body.

Traditional Balinese Massage is performed using grape, rose, ylang and jasmine oils. Balancing all energy centers in the body; all internal systems provides integration with Along with the natural oils used during this massage the tension in the muscles is relieved, the energy level is increased and balanced, the whole body and an extraordinary relaxation is achieved in the mind.

Chocolate contains plenty of polyphenols, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin E. These ingredients make the skin beautiful. In addition, the cocoa butter found in dark chocolate can also affect the skin. It has a softening feature. Chocolate massage; skin, nourishing minerals lost in daily life It is known for its animation by putting it in place. It softens the skin by exfoliating and This massage, which provides smoothness, also activates the cell renewal mechanism.

In body care with algae, toxins are removed from the body, taking your tension due to daily stress, It allows you to regenerate. Algae is in a structure suitable for the human organism and has many benefits. The most important effect is to break down the fat chains and ensure that the fat is removed from the body. They are highly hygroscopic. It has been proven that the algae that cleans the seas also cleans the human metabolism. Rich minerals such as sludge, sodium, calcium, potassium, iodine and magnesium in it provides storage and regeneration

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