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Under the perfect balance of nature, body and mental health are inseparable. You will relax at the master hands of our Far Eastern therapists that will relax your body while freeing your soul and rejuvenate with the healing power of water at proverbial Turkish Bath of Anatolia.

We offer you an unbelievable experience of SPA with beauty center, sauna, steam room, Turkish Bath – Peeling rooms, massage rooms, resting area, indoor pool, kids pool and fitness center. You will feel lightness and comfort by moving away from fatigue and stress.


Turkish Bath will drift you away from stress thanks to humid and hot steam relaxing your mind and body at the same time using hot and cold water based on a tradition of more than 1000 years famous all around the world.

BENEFITS OF KESE (BATH GLOVE) AT TURKISH BATH: This application helps you get rid of toxins accumulated in your body while regulating your blood circulation and making you feel more energetic and healthy. It helps you get rid of black spots on your skin and eliminate stains and accumulated dead skins on your body creating a soft and flexible skin. It softens skin and enriches it helping permanent suntan.

FOAM MASSAGE:  This massage toughens muscles eliminating cramps caused by stress or winds thanks to its relaxing features. Foam Massage is a traditional massage that is performed at Turkish Bath by covering whole body with natural soap (preferably olive oil essential). Your body will rejuvenate after this massage and it will be as soft as baby skin.


Classic massage increases blood circulation eliminating stress or fatigue rooted cramps by loosening your muscles and making you feel healthy.


Being performed with essential oils extracted from plant roots and flowers, aromatherapy massage will be good for your both body and mind. It relaxes blood circulation and strengthens against possible external factors protecting your skin against wear. It relaxes with beautiful scented oils and increases your positive energy making you feel happier.


It helps you get rid of the edema and toxins accumulated in body thanks to a soft pressure. Circulation of liquid among lymph and tissues is activated and nerve system is triggered ensuring relaxation of immunity system and body.


This is a type of massage that is performed by stimulating nerve system by fingers. In this application, your nerve system will be stimulated and blood circulation will relax. Thus, stressed muscles will loose and relax.


Performed by hands, this massage consists of rhythmic pressure and tension applications throughout the energy lines. You should lay down on the floor and enjoy the massage which is performed without oils. Thai Massage is the result of 3000 years old culture.


In this type of massage, heated stones and rocks are used. Placed on strategic energy points, stones help reducing stress. This massage helps eliminating the toxins and relaxing the lymph system and blood circulation.


In this unrivalled cure, the objective is to apply heated vegetative oils to relevant points and to regulate the disturbed internal balance. This massage is both relaxing and restructuring the communication and balance between mind and body. Moreover, Ayurveda massage reduces stress, providing a mental peace in addition to bodily relaxation. Each region in our body is connected to another one. For instance, foot massage is applied for headaches.


The objective is to achieve a long and healthy life with this particular massage that used to be performed in Ancient Egypt and India. This massage focuses on reflex centers on feet and hands increasing the blood circulation. Increasing the blood circulation is a therapy that focuses on foot fingers to eliminate stress and tension. It promotes repair of natural balance of body and helps improving the blood and nerve supply and development. This technique spreads to all lines of body through nerve channels by combining with energy inside the body so that reflex points in feet and hands form.


Traditional Bali Massage is performed using grape, rose, ylang and jasmine oils. It ensures balance in all energy centers in the body and integration of all internal systems. Natural oils eliminate the tension in muscles and balance the energy level creating extraordinary relaxation in whole body.


There is plenty of polyphenol, magnesium, potassium, phosphor and vitamin E in chocolate. These substances help beautifying the skin. Moreover, cacao oil also softens skin. Chocolate massage is known to rejuvenate nutritive minerals that are lost during daily life. It creates peeling effect on skin while softening and creating a smooth surface. This massage also activates the rejuvenation mechanism of cells.


Moss eliminates toxins in skin and diminish daily stress helping you to relax and rejuvenate. Moss is very suitable for human organism with great benefits. The most important effect is breaking down fat chains and getting rid of them. They are highly humectant. Cleaning the seas, moss has been proven to clean human metabolism as well. Mud, sodium, calcium, potassium, iodine, magnesium and similar contents ensure the cells to store and refresh oxygen.


Bringing together the blue hues of Mediterranean Sea with green shades of Taurus mountains, Fame Hotels feature a wide spectrum ranging from cost-saving to luxury and deluxe standards with 5 different hotels and approximately 3000 beds extending from Antalya Kemer coasts to Lara.

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